Are You Attending to Your Retirement Account Regularly?

Are You Attending to Your Retirement Account Regularly? - Retirement Consultants

The market will always go up and down, and investments are constantly changing in terms of their value. So how do you know that your retirement account is headed in the right direction? A fiduciary is a critical part of ensuring that your accounts grow regularly so that you reach all of your goals. How can we help you tend to your retirement account? 

The Importance of Checking in on Your Retirement Savings Regularly

If you plant a garden, but never visit to water it or pull out any weeds, what would you expect to happen to it over time? Some plants might still thrive thanks to good location and plenty of rainwater, but others will wilt and die. The same is true for your retirement account. Particularly during times when the market is volatile, regular check-ins are a step in the right direction. Working with a fiduciary is an even better way to ensure that you are making good financial decisions and tending to your garden properly.

Why Should You Work with a Fiduciary?

There are many different financial advisors in the world, but the ones who have the most obligation to act in your best interests are fiduciaries. A fiduciary is required to put the best interests of their clients above everything else, even when it means offering a product that might not be as good for their bottom line as another. When you work with a fiduciary to check in with your retirement account, you can rest assured that you are always getting the best quality of advice. 

Fiduciaries were established by the Labor Department specifically to protect people looking to save for their retirement without worrying over whether or not a financial advisor could be taking advantage of their lack of knowledge. Furthermore, a fiduciary is required to give you their undivided loyalty and always avoid conflicts of interest (or keep you informed if any arise). They can supply you with the reasoning behind each investment recommendation that they suggest. 

Invest Wisely and Retire Well

Retirement Consultants is dedicated to providing every client with comprehensive wealth management services for a simple, fully transparent fee. From financial planning to investment management, it’s our mission to help you achieve every one of your goals in life. To learn more about our services and get started today, call us at (520) 615-6005 or visit us online by clicking here.

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