How Doctors Should Prepare for Retirement Planning

Many adults struggle to plan and save for retirement, and while you might think that the higher income that doctors receive would lead to fewer issues with retiring, that isn’t always the case. Studies show that doctors often think that they will be able to retire at age 60, but they end up retiring close […]

Why Doctors and Nurses Should Choose a Fiduciary Over a Salesperson

Doctors and nurses help other people all day long. From working irregular hours to working overtime during the COVID-19 pandemic, they deserve the same skilled help that they provide to others to manage their finances. Instead of working with a salesperson to manage your finances, you deserve a fiduciary. What are the key differences, and […]

Senior Home Care of Tucson

Senior Home Care of Tucson - Retirement Consultants

One of the most difficult issues for the seniors is recognizing the need for assistance with financial matters. Personal finances are both very personal and a representation of self-sufficiency and adult children are often met with hesitancy when attempting to step in to help with regards to seniors and finances. Yet for a variety of reasons, […]

Are You Attending to Your Retirement Account Regularly?

Are You Attending to Your Retirement Account Regularly? - Retirement Consultants

The market will always go up and down, and investments are constantly changing in terms of their value. So how do you know that your retirement account is headed in the right direction? A fiduciary is a critical part of ensuring that your accounts grow regularly so that you reach all of your goals. How […]

Why a Fiduciary Is Better Than a Salesman for a Fiduciary Fund

Why a Fiduciary Is Better Than a Salesman for a Fiduciary Fund - Retirement Consultants

Fiduciary Fund: What one thing can help you accomplish your goals in life—retirement to enjoy the wealth you’ve worked hard for, a nice home to raise your family in and the ability to help your children pay for college and achieve their dreams? Money. It only makes sense that you would want to trust the […]